Monday, December 14, 2020

The Weekend Re-cap

 Seems like the only time I get off from my regular job, is on the weekends. So what do you know, this weekend started with cake and then donuts (which I call a double win). Not for my Wife, she wants me to eat healthier... So much for that! Or was it...?

                                   Here are the GOODS! So far so good! Looks DELICIOUS, huh?

The donuts were BomB! But what would you expect? I’ll go with perfection here... These are by no means a Winchell’s  Donut and I am not comparing!  Cause I would take a jelly donut from Krispy Creme any day!!! Can someone run to Target and pick up some!

I do know I NEVER want to taste a sugar plum fairy HOT or COLD again....
I thought sugar plums were good, what the HELL did I just drink? Oh my, it was GODAWFUL!
So besides the drinks that were immediately poured out, it was an absolutely wonderful way to start the weekend!!!

Things just keep rolling along... Last week at work I accidentally threw my Apple Pencil across the room and busted the cap! Luckily it was only the cap, cause the Apple Pencil is 90 bucks to replace! Back in the day you could buy a pencil with a quarter from a machine that would drop a pencil all marked with football team logos and stuff! The Apple Pencil is plastic and all white and 90 bucks! Well it has hit the floor more times then I care to admit, it still hasn’t broken. I would say that’s a good thing... Dare I say, they make things to last?

Well I ordered  a couple caps w/silicone tethers from Amazon and they came this weekend! I normally only use Apple Products or replacements, usually no 3rd party stuff!!! But since I can’t find a cap without replacing the pencil itself I decided to break down and order a couple.

I have a black one and a white one. I use a rubbery grip so it makes it easier to draw with. The Apple Pencil 1st gen is smooth and glossy so not easy to control. 2nd Gen I hear is smaller and has some texture to it.

And how I travel to work.
The product so far is a good replacement I will let you know as it gets use!

All this talk about pencils had me feeling that I need to get my Wacom stylus dialed in...
I have had a Cintiq for almost over a year and still haven’t got it working to my liking.  For me, drawing digitally has to give me the feeling of traditional tools while working digitally.I finally got the IPad to my liking. So, this weekend I was tackling the Cintiq.

Since I purchased this I wanted to have something more fixed in the Studio. I have an IPad Pro which I do all my work on currently. It’s portable and I take it EVERYWHERE!!! I wanted something stable at the Studio so I could just swap what I am working on in the workplace or in the living room; Wherever I may be working at the moment  straight over to The IMac and Cintiq. Now in a perfect world this should work flawlessly. And it does.... Until we start drawing. The Wacom pro Pen 2 is absolutely awesome but its rather large in the barrel end where I hold the pencil. So I have to purchase a slimmer model. I have been drawing with mechanical pencils for decades so it is hard to transition from something so thin straight to a lightsaber. so I have a Wacom Pro Pen 2 slim! Works just as good as my Apple Pencil! 
Below is what the stylus’ look like side by side.

So in conclusion, everything is NOW Working like I need things to!!! You can see some pencils I worked up in my previous post for our NEW Coffee Mugs I penciled up on the Cintiq!
Streaming will resume on Friday, Saturday and Sundays EVERY week! Hope to see you there! Have  a most wonderful week be safe  and take care. 
Your Cartoon Pal, Caspell.